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How to Fix Dark Eye Circles?

Always disheartened by looking at yourself through the mirror?

It’s time to do something to get rid or at least lighten these pesky shadows below your eyes. Instead of waiting for the dark eye circles to go off by itself, we will be sharing with you some effective methods and our recommended product that will work wonder to get rid or at least lighten your dark circles.

Our skin under the eyes is usually 0.5mm, while our normal skin is 2-3mm. In most cases, dark eyes circles are actually visible blood vessels under the eyes. Deoxygenated blood is usually blue, therefore giving the surface of the skin a bluish tint. As we started to age, the thin skin under the eyes becomes even thinner making the blood vessels more visible. There will also be a loss in collagen and fat around the eyes as we get older. Our eyes become hallowed during this transition and the dark eye circles get darker when the hollows are deeper.

Below are some of the factors that might cause this problematic condition.

1. Fatigue – Usually the main cause as sleep deprivation causes skin to become dull and therefore allowing the bluish tint beneath your skin to appear.

2. The Aging Factor – Loss of collagen and the thinning of the skin cause the bluish tint to be more visible.

3. Allergies – The release of histamines during an allergy causes your blood vessels to swell and become more visible.

4. Sun Exposure – Body will produce excess melanin and cause pigmentation on skin to darken.

5. Genetics – Hereditary dark circles, fair skin and deep-set eyes are some of the genetic types.

Below are some simple steps that you can try out take to improve the appearance of dark eye circles.

1. Improve your sleeping posture. Sleeping on your back can stop blood from pooling under your eyes. The use of an extra pillow might help in this case.

2. A 10 to 15-minute cold compression upon waking can help constrict blood vessels giving a more refreshed look.

3. Sleep sufficiently. Lack of sleep and rest is always the main reason for this condition.

4. Exposure to sunlight increases the production of skin pigment, which can lead to the development of dark circles as time goes by. Effective use of facial sunscreen and UV400 sunglasses will help to prevent this.

5. The use of under eye creams. Most of the creams have ingredients that help battle dark eye circles and puffy eyes.

6. A strict diet rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, OMEGA-3 fatty acids and drinking plenty of water can improve your skin’s appearance including the skin around the eyes.

How we can help?

We always believe that there is no reason for anyone to suffer from severe dark circles under their eyes. Volcanic Earth Organic Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is now available to help you battle this problematic condition of yours and can also remove wrinkles around the eye area. Our Eye Cream with Certified Tamanu Oil not only decreases the appearance of dark circles, but also reduces the puffiness of the eyes.

For now, you can try the above 6 methods that we have provided you and also give Volcanic Earth Organic Eye Cream a shot as well. There is always a theory that you should remember. A lazy woman will not be a beautiful lady! An essential skin routine including the eyes must be done daily. If you have not started, it is always not too late to start now.




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