The Birth of Infinice Beauzon



The birth of Infinice Beauzon is to help consumers solve their persisting skin and body issues. From there, we focus on selecting unique skincare brands which either use organic or unique ingredients.

Volcanic Earth Singapore (represented by Infinice Beauzon, Singapore) specialises in Organic Skincare. The general concerns are acne and acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, age spots, dermatitis through to anti-aging. Therefore, we have a natural solution to cater all your needs and solve your disturbing problems of your skin.

Our main objective is to provide a Complete Organic Beauty Solution for your hair, face, body all the way to your toes. We aim to solve all the skincare problems for our customers not only to give your skin the best nutrients, but also to gain back the self-esteem and confidence.

We are the Exclusive Distributor for Volcanic Earth® in the Territory of Singapore. Volcanic Earth® (originated from Vanuatu located in South Pacific Region) specializes in using Certified Organic 100% Pure Tamanu Oil, Premium Grade Virgin Coconut Oil and also a beneficial ingredient, Volcanic Ash in their products. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is slightly different from others. Vanuatu is classified as a Least Developing Country. Therefore, your purchase of Volcanic Earth® products directly assists the locals on the islands to alleviate poverty. Volcanic Earth's theme is to be environmental friendly, therefore there will be no individually box packaging for all Volcanic Earth® products.

We value you and hope to provide the best experience to all our customers. We will ensure speedy delivery, affordable pricing and also our value-added services to answer your skin care queries before and after your purchase.

We have chosen to partner with Orjena because of the unique Cellulose Tencil Sheet on the Facial Mask. The 2 main benefits of the masks are using a natural botanical sheet (Allows comfortable breathing of the skin) and its low irritation level (Suitable for sensitive skin).

At Infinice Beauzon, we make it a priority to solve your persisting skin issues.



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